"KLM Art" supplies its customers with sets of glued beam for house construction produced according to individual projects. LTD "KLM Art" is a part of  "KLM-Co" group, which successfully operates on domestic and external markets for more than 15 years. Companies within the group provide complete cycle of production from lumbering to a deep woodwork. Basic range of products: round logs, converted timber, glued timber products (construction beam, window frame beam and furniture boards).

What the set for housing construction is?

We produce glued beam, profile it and than cut to the project where all details are marked with a special name-number as it is shown at the pictures below. The result we get is a set of logs ready for being assembled anywhere in the world in a house of your dream.


Quality of components is guaranteed by conformance certificates. The material we use is worldwide known Siberian pine or lurch. The unique offer is a combination of pine and cedar.
The factory is situated in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and its manufacturing capacity is 20 000 m³ per year. Now we are working on a project of modernization the result of which will be 4 times increase in volume (up to 80 000 m³ per year what is equal to 200 000 m² of living space).


Glued beam

It`s an excellent material for construction. Why?

Glued beam appeared over 30 years ago and quickly won its way on the saw-timber market due to its high durability, physical and mechanical characteristics. Glued beam has almost no defects typical for massive monolithic balks and ordinary beam. It is produced from board pasted together in parallel wood-fiber direction, dried on average humidity 10-12%. The fact that shrinkage of glued beam doesn’t exceed 1% enables to minimize the period of building houses noticeably. There is no need to wait for a subsidence of the cage.

Main stages of production:

  1. Boards of necessary dimension are sawed of balks.
  2. Drying boards up to 10-12%
  3. Stippling of the boards to lamella of needed sizes
  4. Excision of defects
  5. Lamella edge jointing.
  6. Beam is glued together on special hydraulic press.
  7. Calibration and profiling of the beam.

An industrial approach helps not only to simplify the process of building houses, but also helps to keep best timber qualities and attain specific ones. It is the most up-to-date material for wooden houses.

5 principal advantages of glued beam:

  1. Houses of glued beam are environmentally safe
  2. Easy and quick to build
  3. Requires no extra interior finish
  4. It doesn’t shrink and subside
  5. Aesthetic and unique look

We produce glued beam height 140mm and width 120mm, 160mm, 200mm, 240mm as at the scheme:

You are welcome to choose the width of walls according to the purpose you pursue and climate you live in. 
Here are some of our projects. If you have your own plan, project or just an idea, we are ready to produse the house in accordance to it.


Please contact us for any further information: 
- e-mail: klmco.yana@gmail.com
- tel #: +7 902 977 4174

Easy to construct! Easy to live!

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